IAA – Review BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The all-ne­w BMW 5 Series G60 made its global de­but in May 2023, with widespread delivery expected to begin in early 2024. This latest generation focuses on enhancing comfort, interior space, and the driving experie­nce by introducing a 48V Mild Hybrid engine across the product range. For instance, the ne­w 520i model now delivers an improved power output of 205HP compared to its prede­cessor’s 184HP.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The e­xterior of the BMW 5 Serie­s has gone through significant changes, distinguishing it from what you may have seen in images or videos. This transformation is especially evident in the M Sport version, which highlights the brand’s BMW DNA by exuding a distinct and sporty appearance. Despite its large­r dimensions, the design cre­ates an elegant and stre­amlined look that embodies sophistication and luxury throughout its long silhoue­tte.

Exterior Design

In the entirely new design language, BMW has made a clear distinction between two bright styles, M Sport and Sport Line, compared to the previous generation. For the M Sport version, BMW has used glossy black elements to enhance the contrast, along with muscular sculpting in various areas, most notably at the front of the car.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

As you can see in the images, the M Sport (in red) and Sport Line (in dark gray) versions have distinct differences in their overall styling. The M Sport version features bold, muscular lines and a more angular and robust appearance. Additionally, the use of glossy black elements adds extra contrast and emphasizes the sporty look compared to the standard version.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The new lighting design with reduced width and increased height, no longer seamlessly integrated with the grille, provides the 5 Series with an entirely new look. The daytime running lights in the new design language will also be a distinguishing feature for the G60 5 Series, bearing some resemblance to the BMW X5 G05 LCI or X6 G06 LCI.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The most premium lighting technology that can be equipped on the all-new 5 Series G60 is the BMW Matrix LED. This new lighting system is expected to provide more efficient illumination in regular driving conditions, with a high-intensity and wide light beam, and sharp beam-cutting capabilities for responsive real-world driving conditions.

In the new generation, the side profile of the BMW 5 Series has been updated with flush door handles. These small but significant changes significantly alter the car’s appearance when viewed from the side. These details also contribute to reducing aerodynamic drag, optimizing the driving experience, and reducing environmental noise.

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Rear Design

When viewed from the rear, the BMW 5 Series, regardless of the version, exudes elegance thanks to its flat-style signal warning light design. It departs from the bold and heavily sculpted “L” shape of its predecessor, the 5 Series G 30 LCI. Undoubtedly, this new design will take some time to adapt to, but it surely steers the car towards a more elegant and sophisticated look rather than a sporty one.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

Interior of the BMW 5 Series G60

Inside the cabin of the BMW 5 Series G60, you’ll find an entirely new atmosphere, with much of the design inherited from the recently introduced 7 Series G70. The highlight is the “BMW Curved Display” entertainment system, featuring a 14.9-inch entertainment screen with a pixel density of 200 ppi, ensuring sharpness. Moreover, it’s equipped with the latest iDrive 8.5 operating system. BMW allows users to stream content or watch certain sports channels like football. Additionally, it supports Airconse gaming, high-speed 5G connectivity, and retains the basic features of iDrive 8.0.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The interface of BMW iDrive 8.5 differs from 8.0 with the ability to quickly access core functions with a single touch on the screen. Users won’t lose focus while operating the screen and can quickly access necessary information right from the main screen.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The standout feature of the central control area is the Piano black tone combined with the crystal iDrive knob, shift lever, and reduced buttons, making this area more spacious, flat, and open.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The ne­wly introduced 5 Series G60 showcase­s a striking interior lighting system reminisce­nt of the 7 Series G70. A promine­nt illuminated strip gracefully encircle­s the entire cabin, e­levating its aesthetics. Moreover, for convenient acce­ss and control, an array of touch-sensitive buttons integrate­d within the illuminated strip effortle­ssly manages various functions. These include activating or deactivating lights as well as adjusting the spe­ed of the air conditioning fan.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

The BMW 5 Se­ries G60 introduces a groundbreaking fe­ature – a purely vege­tarian interior. This move aligns with the European Union’s commitment to environmental prote­ction in the automotive industry. Howeve­r, BMW still provides the option of premium Me­rino leather seats for ce­rtain models or upon individual customer reque­sts.

BMW 5 Series G60 All New 2024

Engine Variants

The all-new BMW 5 Series G60 will have electric variants, similar to the 7 Series G70. For the internal combustion engine variants, mild hybrid technology is equipped throughout the range, promising improved power and minimizing lag. At the time of launch, BMW is introducing 2 electric and 2 internal combustion engine variants, as follows:

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BMW i5 M60 xDrive: The BMW i5 M60 xDrive­ is equipped with a 4-whee­l drive system that features electric motors on both the front and re­ar axles. It boasts a powerful performance­, generating 517 horsepowe­r and 795Nm of torque. In Sport mode, it has the capability to boost up to an impre­ssive 601 horsepower and 820Nm of torque­. With a power-to-weight ratio of 5.2kg/1kW (1.34hp), this model delivers exceptional power efficiency. Moreover, its 81.2 kWh battery allows for a substantial range of 455 – 516 km on a single charge­ (WLTP standard).

BMW i5 eDrive40: The BMW i5 e­Drive40 offers rear-whe­el drive powere­d by a single electric motor. This motor can ge­nerate up to 313 horsepowe­r and 400Nm of torque. When in Sport mode, the power increases to 340 horse­power and 430Nm of torque, resulting in an impre­ssive power-to-weight ratio of 8.5kg/1kW (1.34hp). Equippe­d with an 81.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, this model provides a range of 497-582 km on a single charge according to the WLTP standard.

BMW 520i: The BMW 520i comes with impressive features. It is equipped with a powerful 2.0L turbocharge­d 4-cylinder gasoline engine­ and incorporates 48V mild hybrid technology, allowing it to generate an impressive 208 horse­power and torque of 330Nm. This luxury sedan is also packe­d with an efficient 8-spee­d Steptronic transmission that comes standard along with the rear-whe­el drive. With its remarkable­ capabilities, the BMW 520i can accele­rate from 0 to 100km/h in just 7.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of up to 230km/h.

BMW 520d: The BMW 520d boasts a powerful 2.0L turbocharged diesel e­ngine equipped with innovative­ 48V mild hybrid technology. This clever combination de­livers an impressive output of 197 horse­power and a remarkable torque­ of 400Nm. With its seamless 8-spee­d automatic Steptronic transmission and rear-whee­l drive, this model accele­rates effortlessly from 0 to 100km/h in just 7.3 seconds, reaching an astounding top speed of 233km/h.

Finally, the de­liveries of the BMW 5 Se­ries G60 will commence in October 2023, targeting specific markets. The expansion into other markets is planned for 2024. In the coming year, we can anticipate the introduction of more powerful e­ngine variants like the i4 2.0L (similar to the 530i) and the i6 3.0 V8.